Nailing The Interview: What To Wear

We have all been there- the ever so intimidating interviews.  Let’s be real- making a first impression is all about how they see you, and if they like what they see.  You want to bring your ‘A’ game and show them not only can you look and dress the part, but that you ARE the part.  I had my very grueling set of interviews last week and this is what I wore!

I kept it black and simple.  All chic.  I had tossed the idea around of different colored blazers because I wanted to ‘stand’ out from the crowd.  But when I kept changing back and forth, and tossing this color over that; I realized black was the way to go.  It’s slimming, it’s timeless, it’s appropriate.

For the interview event dinner the night prior, I wore the blue blazer and printed tank option because it was business casual. I paired it with booties to lighten the look up.

For the actual interviews I wore my black suit jacket from The Limited.  It’s something that every woman should own.  The go-to, beautifully cut, black blazer and The Limited is full of them.  I found my high-waisted slacks from H&M (for a great price) and my cream crochet top was also from, The Limited.  I am normally a flats or a wedge type of person, and I found an amazing pair of pointed toe flats from Sam & Libby.  I kept my jewelry and accessories minimal, and added a long necklace to break it up.  I was so comfortable in this outfit, I felt like myself, and I was confident.

Isn’t that what interviewing is all about?  Being yourself, and rocking every second of it! Check out the images below that inspired my look.

And in case you are wondering, I got the Job :)


Pale Blue Blazer, similar one here and Polka Dot Tank (left), The Limited.
Black Suit Jacket, and Crochet Cream Top (right), The Limited.
High Rise Slacks, H&M
Pointed Toe Flats, Sam & Libby
Geo Necklace, similar item here.


Until next time sweet world!



Vacation Essentials

Spring Break, the time of year where all the snow bunnies flock south for that alluring tropical weather. A place where your skin stings from a soft sunburn and your hair has that ultra beach babe vibe. Where sunglasses and bathing suits are your uniform, and a light dress is more than perfect for your night moves.

My boyfriend and I can’t resist the endless sunning, lax atmosphere, and the flowing cocktails. We are headed to Florida with my closest friends for my Golden Birthday celebration! Twenty five is going to be a great year!

Need an inspiration list? Check out my top necessities below!

  • Swim Suits
  • Sandals/Wedges
  • Beach Rompers/Kimono
  • Sun Dresses/ Maxi Dresses
  • Cut off denim shorts
  • Yoga pants and Crop top/tank
  • Sunnies, Accessories and Hats
  • Sun Block, Face moisturizer, and Aloe Lotion
  • Shimmer bronzer and Gold eye shadow
  • Moroccan Sea Salt spray for Hair
  • Beach towel and Magazines!

Read on to see my top picks for my vacation and how I will be beach bummin’ this month!


Victoria’s Secret Swim Suits


Fedoras,  Asos / Panema Hat, Asos
Bracelets, Target


Sandals, Target / Sandals, Target
Sunglasses, Ray-Ban


Dresses, Nasty Gal


Sun Dresses, Nasty Gal

Until next time beautiful loves!



StyleByK February Fashion Deals

Alright so I made a promise that on February 1st I would announce my deal for this month!  I have two different specials I want to offer everyone- the first one is $10.00 off every hour of personal shopping with me (Normally $25.00), and the second is a one hour at-home wardrobing session for half off!  Prices for that vary dependant on the wardrobe etc, so email me for details!

Why this deal is so special?  Because Spring is coming up around the corner and wouldn’t you love to have all the essentials to be the best you this season?  You can pick your place of where you would like to shop and I will do the work!   Do you have a special occasion coming up that you need help finding the right outfit? Valentine’s Day, Birthday’s, vacations?  You decide.

The at home wardrobing sessions are great for people who don’t know what to piece together or just a need a little shove in the right direction.  From there you can decide and see what would be useful to have and then plan a shopping trip at your leisure!

This deal is only valid the month of February so email me to make your appointment today!


Cool Florals & Cold Days

If there is one thing I love, it’s a dark grounded floral.  Why?  Because it is completely transitional.  You guys hear me talking all the time about transitional pieces, and working items in all year round.  I practice what I preach!  I find it incredibly sexy and chic wearing these romantic floral pieces in the dead of winter, or blooming of spring because they work with everything.

These are two outfits I wore this week to work.  The floral kimono and skirt are both statements, everything else I am wearing is accessorized around it.

Want to add a little something extra to these prints?  Try adding a striped top, a pop of color, or a fun crop to go with it.  These pieces are versitile, and can be worn for so many different occasions!

How will you wear your florals?


Floral Print Kimono, similar style from Forever 21
Fringe Tank, similar style from Forever 21
Faux Leather Leggings, Express



Floral Printed Skirt, Lauren Conrad


Glasses, similar style from Kohls.
Inifinity Scarf, similar style from Forever 21
Booties, from Target


Think Warm Thoughts…

We all know it, it’s freezing outside.  How can we keep our spirits warm when the temperature is so low? Read on to see how to bring some Spring into your life.

There are so many awesome prints and fabrics out there that scream Spring/Summer time.  Question is- how can you incorporate them into your winter blues wardrobe? The key is to ground your floral and bright jewel tones with dark colors.  In other words, if you have a tropical print Kimono you are dying to wear( like me), pair it with some fringe booties, a basic tee, and some black skinny jeans or dark denim.  You are grounding the floral print and bringing it down a notch.

Do you have some bright tee shirts you want to get some use from? Pair it with a dark jacket, like a leather bomber, or a blazer, put a printed scarf on (not summer-y but something neutral toned). All it needs is to be neutralized. Just because it’s a bright color doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in winter!

Don’t be afraid to make your pieces transitional, get more bang for your buck and do yourself a favor- let go of the idea and just wear it. Be bold. Stand out in these cold months.

My one rule I try to remain close to when wearing summer/spring items is, if I am pairing something black/brown/tan with it, then I will put something else black/brown/tan in my outfit.  Like a scarf, shirt, or accessories to tie it all back in together. Neutralize your color, print or piece by toning it down with another item. Let the bold merchandise do the talking, and let the cool, neutrals, lead the eye.


How easy did she make this look? Floral printed skirt, paired with neutral turtleneck and boots. This look is inspiring!


A floral printed kimono, grounded with dark bottoms and a white top. This can easily be worn year round.


She is wearing a summer, lace maxi skirt. Repeat. Yet she is styled with a oversized and chunky knit cardigan with a printed top. All in neutral colors. Hello Beautiful!


An Aztec maxi skirt, with turquoise jewelry. See how she gives off the boho summer vibe? Again, downplays the print with a neutral shirt and sweater. I love this look.

Go dig into your wardrobe and find the pieces you have been itching to wear, try this out and let me know what you think!

Until next time beautiful loves!



Top Looks of 2013

As we wave farewell to 2013, I like to take time to reflect on the year.  Reflect on the top stories, best moments and top looks. I was inspired by InStyle magazine to do my “top looks” of 2013.  I think this is a fun thing for everyone to do, because it gives you a chance to go back into those outfit archives and get inspired all over again.

After narrowing it down to my favorite looks, both casual and dressy- I realized how biased I was towards warm weather outfits!  I think that means I should live somewhere warm all year round….(hint hint, Michael).   Regardless, it was hard to pick, but read on to see my favorite looks of last year.

This outfit was one of my favorites- I remember I just bought the skirt and I was dying to wear it. However, it was January.  Needless to say I paired it with a long sleeve cotton tee, floral scarf, and some brown boots to make it transitional.


I was experimenting here- found these amazing high-waisted palazzo pants from Target and drooled instantly. Paired with a chiffon sleeveless black blouse and gold accessories.


This is such a versatile skirt.  I wear it all year round, with tights, without, with sneakers, flats, boots and sandals.  But I loved this one in particular because of the print mixing I was doing.  Stripes and print  make for a fantastic ensemble. Add in pops of turquoise and the outfit transforms.


This dress I found at Target over the summer time, right before a summer wedding.  This style was the reason I fell in love with the Hi-Low trend.  I had never been a huge fan before, but once I tried this on, It changed my mind. Not to mention how flattering the silhouette was, it really complimented my shape.


The Kimono that I got from Nasty Gal was one of my most anticipated online purchases!  I couldn’t wait to get it.  I love the Kimono trend and I still do.  It’s the perfect bohemian layering piece and is so comfortable.  This tropical print one paired great with everything, and even better with my swim suit in the summer time.


A great summer look.  Casual date night with my love.  Getting to be comfy and let my hair down! Figuratively speaking because it is in a bun in this picture.  This zip tank is about 5 years old, and I will never get rid of it!  Paired with my coral lace trim shorts and some sandals- it becomes your everyday summer heat outfit.


Another great outfit from this summer- these shorts were an online exclusive from Kohl’s and I am glad I bought them!  The little pom-pom detail on the edges are my favorite.  And who doesn’s love the print? You can’t go wrong.  Paired with a flowy breathable cream blouse and bohemian jewelry.


I told you I loved Kimono’s….this is a short style kimono from Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s that I bought several years ago.  I wanted to mix it up so I put on one of my favorite graphic tee’s and my new sixties inspired shades.


Before I say anything about this gorgeous effortless dress, I will say this was a crowd favorite.  This was a steal I found at Kohl’s.  It screamed my name.  The creamy tan color, and the white embroidering. To.Die.For.


Ignoring the massive sun burn I had- this is what I wore to my beau’s birthday.  This ZARA skort was the sensation of the summer and I am SO glad I bought it in two colors.  Party in the front, realistic in the back!  Paired with graphic tank and effortless accessories.


The dress I wore to Tom Petty over the summer.  I wore it for so many occasions.  Talk about versatility. Thanks Target….not to mention I had mastered the art of the “top knot” bun and sported it all summer long.  (See post on “Top Knots”).


I liked this casual Friday outfit because I truly tossed it on without much thought.  Something about messy hair, flannels and wedge sneakers that make you feel extra chic.


One of my Pinterest’s most liked outfits.  After I posted this on Pinterest I got over 400 re-pins and likes.  The layers of warm colors mixed with the olives and navy’s meshed really well.  Boots from DSW featuring cutouts and three buckles. Love!


The Fall transitioning outfit.  Still slightly warm, yet cool enough for a sweater and boots.  Mixed some colors and played with prints.  Mustard + emerald-green + cognac brown= Success!


Reasons why I love this outfit: Cropped graphic tee, boyfriend denim, booties and my favorite maxi cardigan.  Need I say more?


New faux leather trimmed pants made me so excited.  I love fall because of Faux leather opportunities.  Paired with my  textured tweed moto jacket from Target and grey easy tee.


Again, Faux leather.  These leggings I got from Express over the fall season. I hunted for months and found the perfect pair.  Faux leather in front, jegging in back. Paired with over sized pullover and mixed metal jewelry.


I Love Gold! This blazer I think is a necessity for all women! This gold, velvet, cropped sleeve blazer was found on sale last year from The Limited.  Put it with my tan and gold-embroidered tank and my multi layered gold necklaces. Such a warm ambiance of color.


One of my favorite looks because this blouse was something I had forgotten about!  The material and sequence of the polka dots made me love it.  Gold button details and a vneck collar line made it easy to pair and easy to wear.


Who doesn’t love a good textured sweater!  Another staple every woman should own.  This was from Kohl’s last year, paired with black ponte pants.  It was a rich brownish black with gold threading and two cutouts in the front.  Bought it a size larger so it epitomized the “baggy boyfriend” look.


My last favorite look of this past year was worn on Christmas Eve.  Another top from Kohl’s (you guessed it!).  The periwinkle color was so refreshing and had the best crochet embroidering on the side.  Again, I bought it oversized so that it was baggy and comfy to wear.  Paired with black pants and charcoal studded riding boots.


After looking back I am re-inspired again!  What were your top looks from  2013? What trends will you leave behind and what will come with you into the new year?

Until next time loves,



Your Best New Year’s Yet

It’s time for sparkles, champagne, friends, lovers and New Year’s resolutions to come together, for one, big, awesome bash.  Nothing says ‘Happy New Year!’ better than toasting your glasses and a kiss from your loved one to start it off right (or if your single, toasting with your main crew, of course).  Question is- what will you be wearing?  Since Cyber Monday I have been stalking the internet and stores for the perfect party dresses.  It took me two dresses, twenty dollars in wasted shipment, and about six hours of trying dresses on to find my perfect one!  Three’s a charm right?  Keep reading for the best styles to end 2013 in.

Stores like Akira have thousands of dresses with the best cutouts. Pick your poison you can’t go wrong. Their sequins dresses scream ‘pop the bubbly!’

Urban Outfitters has fabulous iridescent strapless numbers that are to die for.  Seeing them in person did all the justice in the world. Not to mention their long sleeve dresses, so versatile. Think of how many times you can wear these?  Pop a blazer or a cardigan over them and wear them out and about casually with a moto boot.

See the images below from Nasty Gal, get all the sex appeal and fun sparkle of NYE! Want the fun but not the fuss? Check out the classic, sexy, Little black dresses they have to offer. Nasty Gal knows how to work a party, so get inspired from my top picks!

Most importantly, have a fabulous and safe New Year’s Eve! Party hard, and forget about all the little things, because tonight is about you and your new beginnings!


Dresses, Akira. Strapless, Plunge (similar style), Mesh Insert. 


Dresses, Urban Outfitters.  Leopard, Mesh Top/back.


Dresses, Urban Outfitters (both colours here)


Dresses, Urban Outfitters.  Drop-Back, Brocade.


Dresses, Nasty Gal.  Party Doll, Wrapped Up, Brocade Strapless


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