About Me

Hello all my fashionistas, go getters and trend setters! I’m new to this whole ‘blogging’ biz so bear with me. Much like everyone who writes blogs , I write about my true heartfelt passions- fashion, food and living as wild and free as possible. After all life is short so why live it wondering if you could have done it differently. I believe life’s greatest pleasures are wrapped into all three of those.

I was born and raised, and still reside in the great city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yes, I’m a mid western girl who loves beer, cheese, and to be honest, dogs. I like to think of my parents and I as our own set of “dog whisperers”…Cesar would be proud! But in all seriousness I love fashion and always will. I grew up surrounding myself with dress up, magazines, and pretending to be a fashion editor you name it. My four older sisters and I would play dress up, doting around in moms wedges and flower power headbands (which came in handy in my latter years). Even though in majority of my teen years I’ll admit I went through an ugly duck phase where I was a Tom boy, sported killer braces, and couldn’t tame my wild strawberry curly hair. Eventually I blossomed and grew into the confident and wild woman who I am today. Regardless of my looks I had one drive throughout my life- fashion. My dreams of growing up and writing for a glorious fashion magazine were bright, and as young as I am and as wonderful as that dream would be; it is unreachable for me at the moment. So instead I surround myself with being fashion forward at my current job at Kohl’s Corporate offices, and pride myself on ready-to-wear fashions in today’s ever-changing trendy world. Now with the start of hopefully
a successful blog, ill get to share my opinions and obsessions with others.

I will say I am blessed to have my own “private photographer” in my life, aka my supportive and loving boyfriend, Micheal. Who you will all get to know and love much like I did. Of course I have the ever so popular selfies on Instagram, which lets be real, we’re all guilty of! But hey, embrace it!

Through it all, I did not lose focus. I worked my ass off in college and retail and still have hopes that someday ill be someone (keep your fingers crossed!)

I want to be inspired and challenged in my life. I find the best ways to escape are through finding your true loves and exploiting them. Make the best of your life. Be confident and believe in yourself. Because after all, if you don’t believe in yourself, then why would others? Confidence is key and is one of my key accessories. And it shines best when paired with a smile.

aA scope into my world... A scope into my world…[/caption

Hope for you all to stay tuned, I’ve got more in store for you all!


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