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“Pinterest in no fun”, said no girl ever. Whenever I have free time you can bet that I’m on Pinterest pinning my night away. Sorry to all my Facebook friends who have to see the constant updates on what I pinned. If you ask me Pinterest was a genius thing, mad props to the owners of that. Most of the pictures I pin are fashion…okay I lied, about 90% of what I pin is fashion. But It’s the best inspiration. Makes me excited to wake up tomorrow and get dressed! Truly the highlight of my day. Anyone who knows me knows I go on Pinterest every night to help me think about what I’ll be debuting the next day.  My own dreamland of any and all the clothes I want, providing me with ideas of long lost merchandise that I own,  but sadly forgot about cause I have too many.  Helps me keep a solid flow through my wardrobe. Keep its fresh and gives me multiple ways to wear something. 

These three pictures I found were all tumbler, and show a sneak peak of what I love most: the 70’s grunge: girly and very Nasty Gal meets Anthropology.  All equal out to the epitome of my style.  Enjoy ladies.


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