Curls, Curls and Curls Oh My!

Bad hair days are more common than we all want. Hell, I have a solid good hair day maybe two days of the week and not so great ones the other days of the week. Well isn’t that unfortunate! But then again God put hairs on your head to remind you that you can’t control everything! I have had to wrestle with my mane for years, and I have to say I have somewhat “mastered” it. Depending on how you define “mastered”.

I have a lot of people asking me what kinds of products I use, and is that your natural curl, or how about my favorite, is that a perm?! Not dissing perms but I would not damage my curls like that! So I’ll answer it again, no! Not a perm, all natural baby. There is one way I perfect my curls, and that is using the correct amount of product. Most beauty magazines say less is better but I find with my hair that the right amount of several curl defining products is the key. My hair is course, thick and roughly past my bra line. So use discretion when trying this as everyone’s hair texture and length is totally different. I use gel, mousse, hair spray, and curl calm down creme. Again- less product will do more for your hair. I use less of each of these. I start off with NOT brushing my hair after the shower, it will only fro out your curls ladies, rather; I brush it before the shower, and that way when I come out it already has this curly, dreaded look to it. I use Frizz-Ease Clearly defined styling gel. I use about the size of a fifty cent piece on each side of my hair (I divide my hair right down my part line so my hair is on each side of my head). After that I use Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly styling Mousse. Again, I use the same amount as the gel on each side. You want to keep scrunching your hair so that you can see the curls becoming more and more defined as you go. After I use those two I use a small pump of Garnier Fructise Curl Calm Down Anti-Frizz creme. One pump on each side. Once I have scrunched those products all the way in and I am ready to defuse or let air dry, I finish off with Aussie Mega Hairspray. I also like Treseme’s ultra hold 4. I flip my head upside down, I scrunch all over the place, making sure I am working the product into my hair. Depending on the season I either blow dry it with a defuser or I let it air dry. To each her own. Blow drying your hair will give you more volume, and air drying will give you those natural beachy waves. With both processes I would make sure to continue scrunching throughout the entire process. Show those curls whose boss!

I know everyone has different textured hair, but I think this will work! I have four sisters and we all have crazy different curly hair, and these products work for us in our own way! Give this hair recipe a shot and let me know how it worked!!


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