Outfit Of The Day

I put a lot of thought into most of my outfits, so of course I want to share this with you! There are just some days that you love your style and your feeling confident, and this was one of my top favorites! The dress, which I know is hard to see, is so versatile. I plan on wearing this in every season, all you need to do is pair it with the right accessories and layering pieces. That’s the beauty of a little black dress- this has added flare of conversational printing to it but none the less its hands down adorable! Also very flattering for any shape, it gives you hips! I got this gem at Kohl’s believe it or not, it’s a Princess Vera Wang dress. Reasonably priced of course, that’s the beauty of Kohl’s. I paired it with my taupe and hot pink Oxford’s I got at Target. And topped it off with a great pair of black opaque tights. I will also tell you that the best and most durable tights I have ever bought are from Walgreens! Made by Leggs I believe, but they last me an entire season or two, plus they cost about 4 bucks. Talk about a steal worth mentioning!

I paired this look with studded silver bracelets and a chunky men’s gold watch (that I couldn’t live without). Up top I am wearing my most sacred piece of jewelry I’ve ever had the pleasure to own, a beautiful,100% gold sideways cross necklace that my darling boyfriend got specially made for me from our personal jewelers, A Trio Jewelry. Find them on Facebook they are soooo worth looking at!

It’s all about confidence and what you accessorize with it! That’s why I loved this look so much.





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