Top Knotch.


Today is my first day in my history of messing and trying to do the “top knot” bun that it actually worked! Super excited. Now if only I could get it to do this in the morning when I need it to most. It always seems that when I am trying to make something look good it doesn’t, but then whenever I am at home and I toss up my curls, they want to function. Isn’t that dandy. Well here is a picture of my cute little swirl top knot. It looks like a Cinnabon!

Easiest way to do it: put your hair in a pony tail, and separate your hair into two sections. Then take one section and wrap it like you would swirl it around the rubberband- hold in place. Take your other section and wrap it the opposite way around that one. Secure your rubber band around it till you feel it is tight enough. And poof! A twisted top knot! My hair seemed to be more cooperative because it is slightly waved and not the normal curly. But it worked so give it a whirl. For more tutorials on how to do it, try YouTube , I have seen a lot of good ones, however; no sock needed in this one. Although I bet if you put a sock around your pony tail at the top of your head and then followed my steps above you would have a huge chic bun! I may have to try that…right now….

Love to throw in some inspiration pictures to help, these were pulled from Pinterest.


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