Sir Mix Alot

I think one of the toughest things women struggle with is how to mix prints. They don’t know where to start or what to use. I am a huge fan of mixing prints. I mix plaids, stripes, florals, textures, camo, you name it. It all can be mixed together to give you some fun print combo’s! I find the easiest thing to mix is stripes and florals. I’ll keep it simple, as long as what your mixing has similar color palettes your fine! Prime example I wore a black based sheer top, that had pink, green and teal little flowers all over it. I mixed it with my green and grey thick striped cardigan and a teal infinity scarf. It was perfect (see picture). Lets say you have a black and white striped skirt and you want to wear something to pop it, I’d opt for anything that’s bright reds, blues, yellows and green. If its a floral print even better! When you have black and white printed anything it can seriously go with anything else that is printed and black and white. Polka dots, stripes, florals, chevron, abstract; it doesn’t matter. It looks kick ass when paired together.

I also did a double stripe print mix the other day, it was very Ralph Lauren inspired look. I wore a fitted polyester and spandex thin striped grey and white long sleeve crew neck, paired with a thick horizontal stripe maroon and navy maxi skirt, and a grey knitted infinity scarf. The double stripe action worked because it was very thin close stripes with very thick stripes, in two different colors. One of my favorite looks. I felt so chic and not to mention got a ton of compliments.

I really like to mix very feminine and flirty pieces with something that’s grungy and rock inspired! Nothing says sexy like a pair of dark floral printed skinnys or leggings, paired with a ripped up grungy rocker band tee. Pair with some sneaker wedges or some biker booties and your good to go. It’s my go to look. I wear it going out, running errands, or just hanging out with my man. It’s fast fashion that’s easy to adopt into your wardrobe.

Give it a shot, I guarantee you will feel so trend savvy and confident, the compliments will come pouring in!




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