What a Girl Wants

What do women want? That’s a great question- most of us can’t answer that. However, when it comes to men’s fashion, I can! Nothing is more attractive than a man who knows how to dress himself. Obviously dressing good is only half the bid, you have to be confident in what your wearing so it boils down to what your sense of style is, and what you want to achieve. I like several styles on men, just like I like several styles on women. He can be that dirty, grungy sexy man in a faded black v-neck and dark denim, or the soft button down with chino’s kind of guy. Who can resist a manly woodsman? Or a man in a well tailored suit? Now a lot of men say “I can’t afford nice clothes”, but the truth is men can get away with wearing picks from the Thrift Store or Goodwill, because men can make just about anything look bad ass and vintage. With a little help from their feminine friends of course. The easiest way to thrift is to buy pieces that are simple yet have some edge to it. For example, a military jacket. Goodwill is filled with these types of jackets- the more worn in the better. You mix your old thrift pieces with your already wardrobe staples like your dark denim Levi’s. I am pretty sure every man owns a pair of Levi’s, and if you don’t, go get some. They are cheap (go to Kohl’s or JC Penny) and reliable and there is something sexy about them. Take that military jacket and pop a flannel under neath it, leave it open and wear a plain t-shirt. Layers go a long way! Your tee shirt can be a white tee for all that matters, it looks effortless.

Layered grunge not your style? How about just slightly polished. It can be easy, take out your pair of “nice church” khaki chino pants, pair them with boat shoes, vans, high tops, or oxfords and wear a button down. Another look that is perfect for first dates, going out, or just hanging out. It says I tried but not really. A great summer look to have with chinos is to roll them up at the bottoms just one or two times, pair with a vans, sandal or boat shoe, and wear with a man tank. That is my favorite look on a guy.

Feel like playing dress up? Find yourself a good suit. You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars, I know you can find some good finds at Men’s Wear house or even Kohl’s and the sales at Macy’s. Once you find it, please guys, make sure it fits good. A mans suit should not be baggy like he would normally wear his everyday clothes- it should be fitted and crisp to your body. I can’t say it enough, take it to a tailor. Spend the extra money and have a great fitting suit for years. Plus, you can use that blazer as a sport coat, pair it with denim, a Henley and some Nikes and your good to go. That looks screams I know what I am doing- because it takes confidence to pull that look off without looking like your wearing a blazer out. You want to make it look like a sport coat that you dressed down. Even as a woman I wear my nice blazers with band tee’s and skinny jeans with my wedge high top sneakers. The more casual you look, the easier the look is to wear out and about.

Saving the best for last, my favorite look, the woodsman. Strong, masculine, adorable and sexy, the flannel and boot wearing stud knows how to make us women drool. There is something about a man in a flannel, brown boots, ripped jeans and a beanie that I cannot resist. Guys, if you have these pieces,wear them. Go for that Urban Outfitters meets Ryan Gosling look. Women love that, and in many countries, that’s all you were seeing was the layered flannels, parkas, fitted denim and either a military or winter boot in the colder seasons. Want to make this look feel more summer-ish? Wear some cargos, or a perfect fitted pair of man “jorts”‘ and buy a thinner checkered button down, roll your sleeves up and wear it with anything that looks like the Nikes in the below pictures. Trust!

Again, the idea is to look effortless, like you just threw it on and barely tried. I have seen so many successful men dress to the T, so please, put away your NFL t-shirts and hoodies, and dress like a man. I will also say, I don’t mind a man in a Brewers or Packers shirt, but sometimes you have to step it up! My point is, you don’t want to look like your tailgating when your out, or at dinner, or even with a group of friends. Being stylish doesn’t have to mean your metro or feminine, it means you have a great sense of what looks good on you and what you feel best in.

Take a look at some of the pictures I pulled, I have the top looks I mentioned above and some small add ins like watches, and what kind of shoes to wear. I guarantee if you work on what you wear, the women will be swooning in no time.






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