Designer of the Month: Zuhair Murad

I am going to start doing this monthly- famous, not famous, up and coming, or just down right talented, I am naming them here. I absolutely love this designer and everything he creates, Zuhair Murad. Worn by Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, and Jennifer Lopez (just to name a few), Celebs and anyone with money, love wearing his designs. Whether it is strutting down the runway or worn tastefully on a A list celeb; we can all agree, that his designs are phenomenally chic. The sheer cut outs, the lace and bead detailing that overlays the nude body, shaping and perfecting its way down the silhouette creates the perfect sex appeal, all the while drawing your eye up and down. A designer for almost 15 years I think it is safe to say he knows how to make women drool. A man with talent and a true eye for women’s Haute Couture- will create designs for years to come that will just get better with age. I think the phrase “nailed it” would come to mind whenever thinking about the beautiful things he creates. What gives him edge? Every bead is so intricately placed in the most delicate spots, giving each of these handmade gowns the most glorious look. Every time you see one you cannot help but just stare- looking at the attention to detail, trying to capture it all with just once glance is nearly impossible. You will need to double, triple, if not full fledge stare at these to really appreciate the sense of beauty he is prevailing.

Zuhair works with common themes in a lot of his pieces. A strong use of golds and blacks, along with nude/ sheer underlay. The beads cover the areas that, well, need to be covered! While letting your imagination do the rest over the naked back or naked collarbones. That’s what I love about him, he keeps a common theme with his gowns, makes that his signature, recognizable yet each one is so different. Every time I see one I can spot it out, I know a Zuhair gown when I see one. When he does use color- he uses color. Vibrant oxbloods, soft raspberries, bright florals, he uses the right colors, always completing the look. The way his gowns are draped and pulled back astounds me every time I see one. Laying over the body effortlessly. I can’t help but pick my jaw up from the floor.

Here is a look at his collections from years past, at the Grammys, The Oscars, The Emmys- you name it. Kristen Stewart has donned a Murad gown for majority of her movie premiers, and rocks every single one of them. Looking at the pictures below, every person who wears his dresses look so amazing, a fit that truly flatters your body. Hugging your curves, flowing at the knee, and slimming your figure are just a few reasons why he is fantastic at what he does. He is worn at every major film and music event, so get used to seeing him, because he is not going anywhere!








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