Life of a Busy Woman: How to Keep your Zen

She’s your new age Wonder Woman- she can do it all. Full time job, a never ending fitness routine, pocket full of to-do’s, a social life that just won’t quit and a romance that never burns out. Not to mention she is always looking her best, trend forward and ready for the day, the complete look of hair, makeup and confidence. How does she do it!? Well for starters, were young! It is a lot easier to master all of these things when you have the energy, but who has the time and energy to do it all? I learned very quickly once I graduated college that yes I may have more free time because I am not in class, or doing homework, but I am doing so much more! And I care that much more about what I do to my body and how I treat it. It’s better to learn this lesson when your young, that way you can kick your old habits out, and welcome in a new healthy lifestyle.

Ever since I graduated into the real world I am way more health conscious- I’m counting my calories, working out 4-5 times a week and trying (key word) to watch what I eat and when I eat on the weekends. But each person has to find their routine, and find moderation in their lives. It took me forever to find and really practice moderation, but thanks to my wonderful friend Amanda, I am well on my way to success. You need to find your balance, your work vs. play balance, your healthy vs. lazy balance, and your wants vs. your needs balance.

I always think of myself as a professional working woman during the week, I work in corporate culture, I count my calories, I buckle down, and I work out steadily. Catch me on the weekends and I am a different girl! A free spirit boho weekend warrior- I stay up late, I party with my friends, I drink beer and I sleep in! Maybe it’s my inner young college self poking through the seams, but I love that once the weekends hit, I go right into relax and live your life mode! I remind myself to chill out, and recognize the good things in life, like spending time with my friends, boyfriend and family. Seizing everything I can- because that’s what makes memories. Sure I love to lay around on the weekends and relax and revitalize but your young once, and you can sleep when you leave this earth!

One things that helps me find my zen is writing, listening to music, working out, and cleaning! Nothing feels better than feeling good about yourself. A common way to achieve ones zen state of mind is yoga, meditation or Pilates. You just have to find your own beat, find your absolute moment of calmness and capture it.

The true definition of Zen: 12th-century Chinese origin, teaching that contemplation of one’s essential nature to the exclusion of all else is the only way of achieving pure enlightenment. Finding your inner state and excluding everything else. It’s a feeling you create when you truly push everything out, concentrate, and focus on what your mind and body wants.

Keep working hard, keep pushing your limits, and keep on truckin- as long as you take time out of your day, week or month to slow down for your body and find your personal zen, you will appreciate it so much more. My college professor would always tell us that it is so important to notice when you need to take a moment, and those words just stuck with me for years. You burn the candle on both ends majority of the time, so find your balance. Achieve your moderation and practice your peaceful state of mind.

I put some pictures together below of my work style versus my real personal style. I like to see the comparisons of how different they really are. Same with Working out versus eating whatever you want, and letting loose versus corporate culture. We all have to break out of our shells!








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