My Top 10 Fashion Rules

Everyone has certain things they like to have done a certain way, I feel that way about how you wear something. I listed out the things I nit pick in my outfits when I am getting dressed. I always twist and turn the way things are supposed to be worn to fit my style. These are things I look for, they are all small things, but can make a huge difference in terms if the final look and how you pull it off. Everyone is different and everyone’s style is different so I know these wont apply to everyone!

1. Denim with heels: if you are going to wear a flare jean or a work slack with a heel, please, please let the pant fall almost to the ground. The pant should either be skimming the floor or about 1/4th of an inch from the floor. Any higher and you are waiting for a flood! I have seen so many women make this fashion mistake, rocking a great heel or wedge, with a flare that is about four inches from the ground! It looks silly. If you have a pant that hits the floor when your in your bare feet, they should NOT be worn with a heel, because they will look like wings. Lets say you have a flare that is 4 inches too long, then find a heel or wedge that is that height. Don’t just put any heel on just because, that will ruin your outfit if your pant is dragging or is flying away from you! In the picture below the two on the left illustrate how to NOT wear your pants, and the two on the right show you how to wear them. Look at the difference in how long and lean they make your legs look. The image below that is of Olivia Palermo- a style icon who nails every look, including the high waisted flare with a heel. Hats off to you, Olivia.

2. Racer back with the right bra: Do you remember Avril Lavigne when she debuted her first music video? I couldn’t forget it- because she was rocking a white racer back beater tank with black bra straps! It drove me crazy. I know she had the more edgier rocker vibe but still, it looked trashy. If you are going to wear a tank that is a racer back style, then wear a bra that aligns with that, rock a strapless, or go no bra! Just do not wear basic bra straps with a racer back, it ruins the look! You go from classy to trashy in one step. Unless your going for that look, match your bra straps to your top. The first set of images are of our beloved Lindsay Lo, and Avril herself, show you how not to wear it. The three images below that show how to wear a racer back. In general- keep the bra straps out of sight!

3. The Perfect tee that fits not so perfect: there is nothing worse than seeing a woman wearing a tee shirt that is just too tight. Ladies, if you can see your belly button through it, or your love handles are poking out, I recommend going up a size or two. My idea of the perfect tee shirt is one that fits loosely in the stomach region, and fitted in the chest and arms. You want that perfect tee shirt to throw on with leggings, jeans, a maxi skirt, shorts- whatever, it should look as comfortable as it feels. Hence why it is called the Perfect Tee at most stores, because they all want to have the ultimate fit. I got mine from the Juniors dept. at Kohl’s, and I do have them in every color. They are very thin but for the price, they are perfect. Literally the best tee to throw on under a blazer, cardigan, pair it with leggings and chucks, tuck it into a high waisted bottom, they are awesome. I wear mine weekly. All of the images below are perfect examples of how a perfect tee should look. So slouchy and notice how when paired with the right bottom and accessories how it jazzes it up. Comfy, cozy, chic and fashionable? A closet staple!

4. Over accessorizing: I say there is an extent to which this is true, it depends on your style. For me, you can never have too much. But really the main accessories I wear are necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hippie headbands. My style is very boho chic, so I layer my necklaces and everything else. For example, I will wear my sideways cross gold small chain necklace, with my gold hoop earrings, or any other style. If I don’t wear earrings I will layer more necklaces over this, whether they are short and staggered or a long pendant style, I layer it up. Much like I do with my bracelets and watch, I say stack em high! You do not want to over accessorize to where you loose focus in the outfit, that’s my rule. If I am wearing a chunky statement necklace I will not wear earrings or another necklace. My professor in college always used to say ” when you are about to leave the house, look in the mirror and take off one accessory” and that falls true in some cases, because I have definitely seen some women who look like a walking jewelry box and thought to myself they should have looked in the mirror before they left! So be appropriate with your amount, it all depends on your style and what you want to achieve!

5. Color mix: people have put this out there in the fashion world for years, saying you cannot mix black, grey, navy, and brown together. I am here to challenge that, I wear those color combos together all the time and I love the way they look. I wear black pants, cognac brown belt, a grey slub tee shirt, and my taupe fringe booties, it is almost my go to color combo when all else fails. I wear grey with everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything. It goes with all the colors and has a way of putting the look together effortlessly.

6. Wearing skinny jeans: whenever I wear skinny jeans, ankle biters, or leggings, I roll the bottoms. Whether it is a small roll or a bigger roll, I always am rolling them! There is something so chic about doing it, and especially if you have longer denim, it looks cute if you roll and scrunch them. Forget paying for alterations, you can make them work. When I wear denim I roll them to expose my ankle, I pair them with booties, flats, sandals, converse, and it looks adorable. Its the attention to detail, and lets be real ladies, it’s all about the details. You see it on runways, models, street wear and more, everyone is Rollin in the deep. So next time you throw on your favorite pair of skinnies, roll them up, I bet you will like the way it looks!

7. Peep toes in winter: I feel like this is something I shouldn’t have to say, yet I am seeing it more and more, unless you live in Cali, Florida, Texas or somewhere constantly warm, then you should not be donning a peep toe or sandal wedge in the winter months without tights, or nylons! The only time I have seen this pulled off well was a girl at my work was wearing black opaque tights, with black sling back peep toe platform pumps, with a pencil skirt, and a turtle neck. It looked so chic and put together she did the perfect job of complimenting the shoe. Wearing a peep toe heel in the cold months by wearing nylons or a tight helps pull it off. But given the choice you should always wear the appropriate shoes for your climate.

8. Destructed denim: destructed denim is coming back with a vengeance! But be appropriate with it! You don’t want to have holes that start at your high thigh and go down past your knee, mine as well wear shorts or nothing if your going to show off that much skin. I think having a few tears up top and the main holes in the knee look the cutest. It is just a subtle hint of destruction, not full fledge ripped denim that is 75 percent holes and 15 percent pant. The picture below of Audrina shows how not to wear this look, all you see is thigh, what’s the point? Alessandra A. Shows how to look comfortable, yet pulled together while wearing her destructed denim.

9. Myth buster mixing gold and silver: this is my favorite one! I love to wear silver and gold together, it’s so vintage and bohemian inspired! If your going to do it- go all the way. Mix your rings, stack your arm candy and layer those necklaces! I found images below of some awesome looks mixing and matching. I will say if your going to do this, again to do it with everything, don’t wear gold hoops and a small chain silver necklace- that will look off. You will nail this look if you do it with conviction and if you make a theme from it. Have fun with your mixing!

10. Dressing for your own style: I can’t say it enough, dress for yourself, express your own inner fashion icon. There are so many fads that fashion takes on, if its not you, don’t try it. I stick to my style, I stick with what looks best and what is flattering for me. For example, I loved and still am in love with the boyfriend style pant- I think it is adorable, cozy and when done right, looks dynamite. But I am curvy and I have a bubble butt, so no matter what size I do in these “boyfriend” pants, I fill them out, and they just look like a fitted crop that’s baggy from the knee down. If I were 100lbs and tall, they would look great. I stick with what works, like peplum tops, maxi skirts, and wedge heels. My style can be categorized in three ways, bohemian, rocker/grunge, and corporate culture. But even at work I let my flare out and I define my style. No matter what I am wearing you will be able to pin it to those three main styles. So dress for yourself and for your shape.

All of these tiny things boil down to paying attention to the small things. You can have a banging look put together, but there just might be something that is off. So dress your style, dress for yourself, and keep your individuality through all the fads of fashion. My fashion rules go with me wherever I go, I stick with it and I am consistent. Ask anyone who knows me and they would say the same. Every person has things that they nit pick when they get dressed, and I bet if you really thought about it, you would have a list too! Use the pictures below for inspiration and fashion rule go-to’s!











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