The best of Coachella

Number three on my bucket list of things to do before I die: go to Coachella. Pretty sure that if I went it would be as if I died and gone to heaven. Fashion, boho, music, crunchy tunes, celebrities and summer sun all in one kick ass event. Where do I sign up?? The outfits and accessories look like Nasty Gal made love to Urban Outfitters and had this beautiful bohemian, sun loving, earth bound rocker child (AKA my fashion style in one). Coachella is known for the flower headbands, military inspired boots and jackets, crop tops, high waisted shorts, tie dye and tattoos, and believe me, this year lived up to all of those expectations. I picked out my most beloved looks below.

One of the most common themes you see across the board is the high rise cut off short, they are basically fringed hot pants, and I am head over heels for them! I also saw a lot of high waisted soft cotton shorts with all different type of prints and patterns. This is my top festival look- there is something so edgy and renewable. Really proving that fashion does come back with a vengeance, everything that was once old becomes new and drool worthy again. Put on your highest cut shorts, a blouse top, fringe booties, and a festival hat and you are ready to hit the hills. I think this festival short is a desert necessity when frolicking at this boho dream fest.

You of course can’t go to Coachella without your crop tops either. Whether it is a tee shirt, tank top or bralette style, you absolutely need one of these. They make for great layering pieces too. Pop them under a chambray blouse, with a racer back tank, or as a signature pair to your high waisted bottoms. Everyone is wearing these tops. Small top- big statement.

What goes great with cut offs and a bra top? A floral head crown of course. It wouldn’t be a music festival without your number one accessory. Coming in all shapes, colors and combo’s this can work wonders with your hair, especially if you don’t feel like washing and styling. Leave your locks curled and messy with your floral head crown, keep the look effortless and chic. You can wear this with any and every outfit, it’s the finishing touch that makes your outfit righteous.

Go to fabric for Coachella? Crochet! Talk about another common denominator- it’s everywhere from pants, to dresses, swim suits, shorts, tanks and crop tops, this top was as breezy as our earth bound child gets. Perfect for the desert, keeping you cool during the day and warm at night. Breathable and an easy pair, this will take you throughout the festival in style.

The next hot item, was of course, the booties! Fringe booties, wedge booties, and any ankle height boot is our festival shoe. I love this look because you can throw on a pair of booties with any outfit and your look transforms into this casual, and sexy look. I love my taupe fringe booties, I roll them over so they look a little more edgy. These boots go with everything, if you do not have a pair of booties, you need to go get some, now! Like right now. Look at majority of the looks below and you will notice everyone is in either booties or gladiator sandals.

I think every person who goes to Chella wears a serious amount of accessories, ranging from layered bangles, bracelets and cuffs, to Indian head pieces and turquoise stones and more. The more layers, the more boho. I say bring it on, and embrace your accessories! Let your inner flower child pour out through your fingertips. You can never have too many rings, so rock on, you gypsy.

When going to this festival multiple days in a row, you obviously have to switch your outfits up. One day utterly boho, the next studs, spikes and leather galore and one day comfort bliss. My go to casual, sexy cool look is a maxi anything! Comfort, style and a strong sense of 70’s femininity- it is a festival favorite. The silhouettes on these go for days, that’s why I love them, there is so much versatility. Layer them up with leather jackets, chambray button ups, a white linen sleeveless blouse or a zip up- it doesn’t matter, it looks great with anything and everything. The things I love about the maxi skirts is that you can wear them high waisted or wear them rolled and at your hip. Two totally different looks that you can dress up and down. One of my signature styles, and of course a wardrobe necessity!

The last set of pictures are just images of women who rocked it. The first one, I am speechless on how much I loved it. High waisted shorts, a scandalous body suit and a sheer kimono style wrap…I’m dying! The next image I love for the simplicity of it, an off the shoulder cinched white top with floral cut offs and a wool style Panama hat- yes please. Lastly, I loved this because she nails all of the trends, high waisted shorts, crop top, endless accessories, floral head crown, booties and a great bag- she is the epitome of Coachella for me!

I loved looking at hundreds of pictures of this beautiful music festival, and hopefully next year ill get to take pictures of my own when I am there! Enjoy loves:)











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