Met Gala 2013

This is the one exception where you can dress, well, a little weird. It’s easy to get carried away with it, but this years Met Gala, Punk: Chaos to Couture theme took weird to a new level! Not gonna lie, weird is my thing, so read on and see my top choices, and the looks that fell flat ( unlike Miley’s hair).

I love punk rock fashion, and I love the materials and creativity that designers chose to make these outfits stand out. My first crush was on the beautiful Nina Dobrev- everything about that dress and pant combo was phenominal. The leather bustier, corset lace top, her stand alone black diamonds and those beautiful locks all to the side- I die for this look. She nails it, knows how to be feminine, sexy and punk rocker chic. The look of this at its entirety made me do a double take, to realize that it was not a full dress, rather, all separate pieces. So Many words to say about this ensamble, but the best one that comes to mind when I see her: outstanding.

Speaking of punk rocker chic, Cara Delevingne and her jaw dropping, hardware spiked plunging neckline of a dress pretty much was the cherry on top for me! Again, combining these key elements into one dress, gold spikes, endless necklines, and a soft and sleek black train dress. She nails her accessories, a double stacked cross and animal tooth necklace, with a bangin ear cuff!! This outfit literally excites me, I need to find her stylist and tell them how amazing they are for pairing her with this amazing dress.

So was anyone at this event wearing anything but black? Of course, and I love that this notion goes out to Rooney Mara and her amazingly chic white and gold zipper detailed dress. Talk about attention to detail, the lace was exquisite, and the zipper detailing was the perfect touch to turn this soft and feminine dress into a punky twist. I also loved the high low ruffled hem line. The silhouette is what makes this drool worthy, takes it too an entirely new level.

Now this next look I was unsure about at first, and then the more I looked at it the more I liked it. Christina Ricci’s plaid high low dress made such a statement. She took your typical punk, and rocked it with this 80’s silhouette, but her hair was that of a 1920’s flapper. Brilliant! Mixing the ages, creating that beautiful punk rocker look. The harsh sweetheart neckline did this gown justice, putting it on my top looks chart because of it. I also love that she didn’t go for a bare leg, rather she opted for fishnet stockings and a strappy black heel. Well done, Christina!

And last but not least, my girl Blake Lively! Okay when is she not beautiful and effortless? This look speaks volumes in so many ways. I don’t know where to begin, her earrings, hair, the dress, the train? She looks so beautiful in this gown by Gucci, her warm skin against this cool, layered gem of a dress. It makes you look up and down and up and down all over again. The embellishments on her waistline make a perfect break for the layered silk to begin, mastering the look of drop dead fashion.

Now I am not one to hate on anyone for their fashion choices, but I have to give a “what were they thinking” to a couple of our A listers. I did give slack because this was about chaos, punk, rock, couture, edge and letting your weird out. However, there were a couple of looks that just did not do it for me! Lets start with Miley- what, why, and who did this to you! The dress did nothing for her shape, she looked like she was wearing a giant fishermans net….and her hair resembled a 5 year old boy who discovered hair gel for the first time. Her red lip stood out the most beyond that spikey do. I have seen her look so much better, so for this one, she gets a thumbs down. She’s just bein Miley I guess!

Next on the worst dressed is going to have to be Kim Kardash….I get where she was going with this, but head to toe floral, complete with turtle neck and gloves, only looks good on someone who is maybe, not pregnant. I thought the design was just too much for this beautiful mama to be. She looked like a giant piece of tapestry, or the ever so popular Mrs. Doubtfire. Could I see this dress on her post pregnancy? Of course! Toss it on Karlie Kloss and I guarantee she would make the best dressed list. The gloves were over kill, there was no separation of skin. Beyonce did a perfect job of showing how to don a glove that matches the dress. She had a strapless gown on with matching gloves, that actually looked rockin on her. You know why? Because she didn’t look like she was wearing a full floral suit and she showed some skin to show the separation of the dress and the gloves.

Now this next person only made the list because of her hair- Nicole Richie, which saddens me because she is my style icon! But girlfriend, that hair, has to go! It looks like she could be the lead character in Hunger Games, or Jay’s sister from Americas Top Model. Her dress was beautiful, but her maroon lip against the silver locks was a bit to much for me. I would have rather seen her hair a light pink than silver. It reminds me of Kelly Osborns hair and I never was too keen on her color choice. Like I said her dress was so beautiful that it almost took away from the hair- once you were able to look past it!

Lastly, Sophia Coppola makes my worst dressed because her pajama inspired suit just didn’t make me say anything but ‘blahhhhh’. She could do and has done so much better, this look was not fitting for the Met Gala. They said Chaos to Couture, not metallic meets bedtime. Her hair and makeup is beautiful but I can’t see past her pajamas. Now I know pajama inspired prints and silhouette are in, but this all together looked nothing short of a snooze…

Hands down this gala made me want to put on my black eyeliner, chunky black jewels and my leather jacket. So inspiring to see all of these stars come out in something edgy and eclectic, something they may not be used to. The hair, makeup and gowns were talked about for days and frankly, I still am talking about them! There is nothing I love more than watching celebs strut their stuff in these gorgeous designer gowns, exuding confidence and radiance as they go. If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that no matter how hideous we may think their dress choices are, they wear them with complete and utter confidence. Rocking every twist and turn, and showing us how to go out of our comfort shells.








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