It’s that time: Wedding Season!

It’s that time of year again- wedding season! Whether your in them, or an attendee, you have to look your best. Weddings are great for meeting new people and feeling the warm love that is embracing the room. If your single, weddings are a great place to meet a guy, and if your in a relationship, there a great place to get ideas for your wedding some day. Along with feeling ooshy mooshy with your beau, of course. So this season get your dresses out, your clutches ready and your legs ready to strut their stuff!

People ask me all the time, what is appropriate for weddings and what is not? That answer all depends on how casual, or dressy the wedding is. I have been to casual ones where I wore a maxi dress and cute flat sandals, and on the other hand I have been to ones where I’m in my nicest dress and heels. It’s all about the bride and groom and the way they want it to be. You can tell by the kind of people they are how dressy or non dressy it will be. I’d say you can definitely be wearing a casual dress, but really amp it up with accessories and your shoes. It’s like I always say- your accessories can be your statement, they can make all the difference.. Same with the shoes, they can make or break your outfit.

When deciding what style dress to wear, think about how comfortable you want to be. Keep in mind your going to be sitting for a while, dancing, moving around, mingling, eating and drinking. The safest bet is a fit and flare dress. Fitted at the bust, flared at the waist and stomach. Nice and loose where it needs to be, and all the while making you look slim. I feel like most body types look good in a fit and flare style dress. Below is a picture of the one I just bought for my wedding this weekend. Ignore the mirror pic and the messy room and no make up!!! But really though, you can find this style anywhere, cheap ones and middle priced ones. Depends on where you are looking. A place that does a great wedding occasion dress is The Limited. The one I am wearing is from there, it’s perfect for any occasion, again, in that fit and flare style. Now if your a skinny minny and you don’t bloat after drinking and eating, then by all means sister wear a fitted dress! For us average joes, stick to a comfy silhouette (you’ll thank me later).

If your going to a wedding that lands on a really hot day where the entire reception hall feels like an armpit- make sure you wear something light and something that doesn’t show sweat! Cause once you hit that dance floor and you really start feeling the heat, your going to wish you wore something dark and light! Sport your hair in an adorable bun, loose pony tail, or pinned up elegantly,and make sure you make the proper, ahem, refreshers! Having a frizz issue? Use frizz control creams and braid the pieces by your face and pin up the rest. Effortless look that will hold all night and not let that frizz crash the party. Below are some cute ideas to style your hair for when your having a bad hair day, or it’s 95 degrees in the middle of July.

One last important must know for weddings- always make sure you bring the right reinforcements! I can’t say it enough. I remember several weddings where I was in the bathroom and a woman was in there talking about how her eye liner is running, her face is shiny, she needs deodorant, or a pin because her dress ripped. Come prepared with your small makeup essentials: powder, concealer, bronzer, eyeliner, deodorant, perfume, tampon, pins, and Bobbi pins. Because chances are you’ll use about 80% at least. I know it is hard when you are bringing this itty bitty clutch, so get travel size things. Luckily your compact and bronzers are flat, and you can find travel size deodorants and sprays. Plus if you happen to meet someone, you will have just enough to refresh yourself after the wedding, and the next day.

Below are some great wedding dresses I found from several different websites, ranging from The Limited, Kohls, Pinterest, and Asos. And remember, you don’t want to show up the bride, so make sure you don’t wear white or cream! The day is about her and you want to make sure you don’t steal the spotlight by being too over the top! Aka no prom like dresses or gowns, and not too much sparkle that you look like a walking disco ball…

Tell me about your favorite wedding outfit, or comment back on your favorite wedding places to shop!! Xoxo








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