From Runway to Ready to Wear

How many times have you seen the craziest, most strange looks on the runway and thought to yourself, “no one would ever wear that!” I have so many times, especially when I was in college and I was still wrapping my head around the concept of Ready to Wear. To take a look from runway to everyday you have to pick out the most stand out features. When designers do these rad things on the runway, it’s because they can. Fashion isn’t always something that is logical and easy to pull off. It’s a challenge, it’s creative and it’s thinking outside the box. That’s why I love it so much because there is so much freedom to just make something yours. Especially when a designer picks something that symbolizes them. For example, Chanel- they are known for their threaded jackets and chain purses. Or Ralph Lauren for his nautical stripes numbers. But when you see these signature looks on the runway, they are anything from everyday ordinary. Most of the time they are in these three dimensional shapes, the textures are all over the place and the silhouettes are something most people wouldn’t wear. That’s why I am going to teach you how to adapt the runway looks and make them your own!

A great way to adapt something like that is to first watch some of the runways shows, whether its Fashion Week in New York, or on Style, or in magazines, look at what designers are doing and bringing to the table. I like to pick out key features such as key colors, lengths of pants, skirts and dresses, the cut of a top, the way they styled their hair, or the shoes. In most major runway shows the models are wearing all similar styles of shoes that resemble one another. Their hair is all the same but in different variations, like the low messy ponytail (See Derek Lam pictures below). The high bun, the sleek and straight or the wild and curly (my favorite). When I saw Jason Wu’s Resort ’14 collection I picked up key components, like the cropped shirt, below the knee length dresses and skirts, black and white with pops of colors like cobalt and pinks and oranges. I looked at top designers Resort Collections and picked out some great looks that can definitely be adapted into everyone’s wardrobe! Again- the easiest way to do is to find something prominent in the collection. If you see that metallics are all over the runway, don your best metallic crop top. Or go bold and wear metallic skirts and shoes. If white is all the range, wear it with your favorite go to, such as a white tank top with skinny jeans, a white accent bag and gold jewelry. If the runway is all about texture, adapt that in spurts, textured skirts, or a textured bag. We see florals all over the runway for spring and summer, want to wear it but don’t know how? I love a good pair of floral pants. Feel like your too bottom heavy? Then try a floral blazer or a floral blouse. There are ways for everyone to rock their favorite runway looks, all you need to do is find how to make it work for yourself!

Below I picked images from Versace, Alice +Olivia, and Derek Lam’s resort 2014 collections. Key take always to look like you came from the runway: Derek Lam is all about structure, it’s about the crop top in different materials and fabrics. It’s incorporating mesh, and the idea of wearing your under garments as a statement. If I wanted to pick things from this I would don a structured box blouse, a crop top in a simple tee shirt fabric or a mesh tank with a bra top under it. Looking at Alice + Olivia’s line, there are such great things to take from this: conversational prints, circle skirts, head to toe prints, embellished collars, and color blocking. All of those things are SO easy to wear, they basically spell it out for you. I love the Versace’s head to toe prints, the idea of being so “matchy matchy” is iconically 50’s. For years we strayed away from matching everything but Versace’s elegant take away of having a classic trench updated with bright and bold prints, and matching your handbag makes it so fresh. Or rocking a pair of high waisted printed flare legs with a bra top- it’s easy to wear and fun to do.

I would definitely recommend looking at’s website that I provided the link to above- you can look at any runway show, get your peeks at Fashion Weeks and become inspired by today’s designers. So take a look, and try something new, you won’t regret it…!






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