Freedom Never Looked So Good

Red, white and blue everywhere- our Country’s proudest day to celebrate! Dare I sing ‘proud to be an American’ to you all, I will save you the amateur hour. Every year people enjoy themselves, celebrate our country’s Independence Day, and spend time with our Veterans, and today’s local heroes to unite in the celebration of The United States of America. And why not do it in style?! So of course I have to ask- what will you be wearing this 4th of July?

Wherever you spend it, whatever you end up doing, and whoever you are with, dress comfortably for the weather, the scenery and the movement! I had mentioned this before in my post about Memorial Day and being comfortable and I hope you all took my advice ( I’m sure your all thanking me right now, right?) on dressing for the occasion. There are so many choices you can wear, but of course you should incorporate red, white and blue. I am a sucker for dressing in theme for things so I get decked out. Party beads, headbands, high socks, flag shorts, USA tank tops and plenty of colorful accessories to go on with it.

Styling on a budget? Opt for some DIY tricks, stop at Walmart, pick up a men’s patriotic tee and cut it into a great crop top, an off the shoulder tee, a bro tank or a muscle tank. Pair it with your cutest red or blue shorts and be on your way! There is no need to spend an armload- because it is not about what you spend your money on, it is how can you honor your country by sporting our patriotic colors and celebrating on this beautiful holiday. Don’t have any “cute”or new shorts in your wardrobe? Hit up your local GoodWill and get your hands on some high waisted women’s pants or some classic men’s Levi’s and cut those suckers up. Go to the craft store and get some studs, hot glue, or even some patches. Hot glue some studs onto the back pocket (just one) and some on the front top pockets. The tip to making these great is to make sure the angle of the short is correct and that it slants upward toward your thigh. If you really want to get crafty, buy another men’s or women’s tee shirt with a flag print, patch or design on it, cut it out to the shape of your front thigh and sew it on, or even to the back pocket. Then it will look like you bought them that way! You can design this entire ensemble by yourself,for under 35 bucks! Not to mention it would be one of a kind!

If you want the fun and not the flare- opt for a maxi dress in a great patriotic color. Or a romper in black with red, white and blue accessories. You can wear denim and a cute blue top, a red tank or a white American flag shirt. Whatever you choose, make it your own. It’s easy to blend in with the crowd on holidays like this, so try and find something to stand out with. Below are some seriously cute outfits for this Independence Day, along with some DIY instructions to make over your classic pieces! Some of these looks are very subtle, but cute enough to make a statement. I love the bright tones in the red and blues, standing out against white bottoms or denim shorts. It is the perfect outfit! If your going to be on an boat- look for any swim top or bottoms that is striped, polka dots, plaid, red, white and blue. You can always get some fun bandanas and sunglasses to accessorize your swim suit!

Have a safe and fun fourth- I will see you all next week! Xoxo








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