Summer Lovin’

Can you believe we’re half way through summer already?! I think a tear just fell…so lets make the most of it and really show this summer who is boss! I try to make sure that I am taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way- so I know I made the most of it! (Of course stay within your budget and means) Say YES to as much as you can! It’s about making memories and spending it with your best friends. I don’t want to regret not doing something, so this summer I’m making sure that I am living it up, staying up too late and being carefree.

Summer has a way of taking us out of reality, makes us feel inspirational. We have these feelings where everything is possible, all we need to do is say yes and follow through. It’s amazing how one little adventure can make you feel inspired. I get inspired from millions of things, the warm sun, sandy beaches, long car rides with good music, and summer concerts that take you back to nostalgic lane. Summer is the best time to express yourself. Studies have shown that people are genuinely in better moods, smile more and obviously spend most of their free time outdoors. Again, need I say more on why summer is the best time of year?

This post is to strictly inspire you to be your best and to have fun while doing it. Express yourself and find that inner warm sun goddess that’s itching to get out!

Enjoy these sun dripped days and starlit nights!









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