Top Wardrobe Items Every Woman Should Own

So I’ve had some requests lately to give my list of the top things every woman should own in her closet. My personal list is a little lengthy, so I will try and narrow it down for you to under 15! These items are for any style because you will and can always find a place to wear them.

Let’s start with the obvious- Black and/or Dark rinse Skinny jeans. This is a must! Think of the possibilities you can wear them with. I wear mine about 2-3 times a week, especially in the fall and winter. They are a staple. Need to look more professional for work? Toss on a blazer (which is my next must have) and a button down. Want to tame it down? I always opt for a loose fitting tank top. Whimiscal on top, and slimming on the bottom. If you really want to push the envelope, opt for a high waisted pair. They will turn you from basic to insta chic in seconds. Plus lets not forget that a skinny high waisted pair goes great with a crop top. I wear my high waisted soft black pants from Target, and my High waisted structured skinny jeans from Urban outfitters in both Rinse and Black all the time. Splurge and get yourself a pair from Madewell or Urban Outfitters- you’ll thank me later!

My next item is, the blazer. You do not have to be a business woman to own a blazer! Pick your color! Be creative. I have every neutral color blazer out there, plus some florals, velvets, sheer, and chiffon ones. You need variety! All I am sayin’ is that a blazer can be a lifetime investment. Places like The Limited, Express, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Zara, will have you paying a pretty penny for one, but they will last you YEARS. The catch is truley finding your perfect fit. So many women want a fitted one because it will look cute for going out etc. But If you find one that truley, truley fits you- you will be able to wear it no matter what the occasion. Need some inspiration? Wear a pair of shorts, they can be denim cutoffs, soft shorts, trend ready active shorts, or trouser shorts. Wear it with a cute tank or graphic tank and it just elevates the look. I recently saw a girl out and about last week wearing grey soft athletic shorts with striped piping, red converse, a low v-neck tee shirt and a soft black blazer. I wanted to shout to the heavens! It was glorious. She mastered the ‘I am just tossing this on’ look, all the while looking pulled together. I like to wear my denim cut offs, with an easy tank, and my long boyfriend blazer in black. Again- chic and can take you from just wearing a tank ‘n shorts to I’m workin it! Do you have a more boho style? Bust it out with black leggings and a tunic top. Layer it with necklaces and a cross body bag, and some leather sandals, your good to go.

The hot third item- Booties!! Any and every color, go crazy! I always say you can never have too many. Fringe, suede, smooth, clean cut, wedge, heel, whatever! I drool for booties. It’s like when I see a pair I freeze and just stare at the awesomeness of them. In the Fall and Winter months I wear them almost every day. Lace up military styles, fringed boho booties, clean cut cognac brown leather, I just die. This is a classic shoe that can honestly go with a lot of outfits. My favorite example? Booties worn with tights, and a great dress or skirt and long sleeve combo. It screams cozy and feminine. Plus not to mention who doesn’t love tights and booties!? You can’t deny it. I have multiple pairs and my collection will just grow. If you do not have them, some great places to aquire them are DSW, Kohls, Target, Charlotte Russe, Pac Sun, Zappos, and obviously places like Macy’s, and Norstrom. Again- go get them. Right now.

Another must have item for the wardrobe is of course a neutral cardigan. Great layering pieces in all the seasons if you do it right. Perfect for those chilly summer nights over a tank, crop or tee shirt. Awesome layering options for the fall, wear over a button down, long sleeve, pair with skirt, tights and shorts, toss a scarf and mix it up with wild accessories. Winter time find yourself a heavy cable knit one. Plenty of options of materials, plus the cozier, the cuter! I love wearing mine with some skinny jeans and a long sleeve, brown knee high flat boots, and an infinity scarf. Keep you warm during the cold nights!

I feel as if I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will. A white tee shirt, ladies! Everyone needs a cute fitting white tee shirt. Or black, cream, grey, navy, you choose! Pick your poisen. I love a classic white v-neck tee shirt. I honest to God have about 12-15 white tee’s. Some are fitted, some are loose, some of my boyfriends (gasp, confession!), some have cute detailing on the body, others are rolled sleeves, three quarter sleeves or a cap sleeve. I find any reason to wear mine. Whether I’m throwing on my yoga pants to run up to the grocery store, or pairing it with a printed skirt. I can always find time for my classic white tee. Plus it makes you look tan…so win/win!

This is one of my favorite pieces, and again, I have quite a few in different silhouettes. The leather jacket! Gahhh! Love. Moto style, clean cut boyfriend, hooded, or even cropped. I have them all. I couldn’t help myself! I always say go for black. Color is great but if you are looking for a staple, black will take you further. Plus if you actually splurge and get yourself a real leather one, that will last you a life time. If you can’t afford the real deal, go to a higher end store, get your hands on some coupons and get that damn thing! It will be worth it. I wear mine with maxi dresses, skinny jeans, with hoodies and graphics tee’s, tanks for a sexier look, and a sweater dress to play it up. I got several of mine from The Limited. Of course there are plenty of places, but chances are you will pay at least one hundred plus for one (if you don’t want it to look like plastic). Nasty Gal, Anne Taylor Loft, Express, Planet Blue, Free People, Zappos, Zara, DKNY, BCBG and SO many more places to choose from. My next one will be one with fringe sleeves of course. Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for fringe. A guilty pleasure of mine that I am not afraid to admit!

Next on my list of must haves- a signature piece of jewelry. I have several that I would say are My signature items. As in, I will own these expensive pieces for the rest of my life. My top two that I’m just obsessed with are my pure turquoise and silver cuff, and my solid gold cross necklace. These will continue on for generations! I love that when and if I can’t figure what jewelry to wear, I’ll put them on. I can wear them separate, or layer and stack more with it. Either way I love the way it looks. Dress them both up or down. I’m sure a lot of women have beautiful pieces that were passed down in their family and that makes it even better- gives great meaning to a beautiful piece.

This next one is an item most people wouldn’t think they should have, but I feel like now more than ever casual wear is blowing up! Ladies, if you don’t own these yet, go get ’em! Chuck Taylor’s! Aka Converse, in any color. I got my first pair when I was 14 and I wore them so much that I wore right through them. I just got myself a new pair a little while back and there is nothing more kick ass than a fresh pair of Converse! I love pairing them with everything, they are the definition of comfy and cool. They can be worn with leggings and a tank when out and about, or paired with denim shorts and a button up. Try them with some flare leg denim and a graphic tee, or even with black skinnys, a blazer and a plunging neckline blouse. You would be surprised how they go with it all. Lets not forget to mention how comfortable they are, and how many cute colors they have to offer! I love my grey ones, they go with everything. Go online or visit Kohls.

The last item that I believe is truley essential in all of your wardrobes is the perfect tote! All colors, prints and shapes this bag takes you anywhere! Whether your hiking it on campus, or an everyday bag to the office, you can use this in any situation! My favorite of the totes is the large cognac brown leather tote. You can find them anywhere and everywhere, it just depends on if you want genuine leather. Obviously the real leather will last you a lifetime. It’s a smart investment, much like your blazer and leather jacket. The good thing is, totes will never go out of style. Because functionality is a reality that us women will never get rid of! I have seen people use them as diaper bags, carry on’s, gym bags, over night bags, and even just everyday purses. Again- essential. I can’t stress it enough. Want to get your money’s worth? Check out The Goodwin tote from J. Crew. Looking for a great print that won’t break the bank? Check out this awesome paisley print from Pottery Barn. A steal of a deal and totally chic (no pun intended). Of course there are the obvious places like Target, Forever 21, The Limited, H&M, Kohls, and one of my favorites, World Market.

It has taken me years to acquire all of these items but I really do wear these things weekly. I wear them together, as separates, as statements, you name it. Take my advice and begin to collect these items! You’ll be happy you did!

Until next time beautiful world,
Xoxo, K























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