When Dreams Become Reality…

Hello beautiful world! It gives me great pleasure to announce the start of my own business! StyleByK Fashion Consulting && Styling is finally becoming a reality of mine! I have always dreamed of becoming a fashion stylist, or writing for a fashion magazine, or even being someone’s personal shopper. And now, with the encouragement of my friends and family, I have decided to start my own. I don’t expect this to blow up over night, but I want to help show men and women how to look and feel great about themselves. Dressing for you and having your own style is something that speaks volumes about you and your personality. First impressions are big, so why not make a big impression? I am here to help advise, show, shop, and seek out what makes you beautiful, by giving you the confidence you need and want.

My business cards are on the way (and I couldn’t be happier), as well as my business page is in the works. I created an email address you can ALL reach me at for tips, tricks, advice, last minute shopping help, wardobe organizing, photo shoots, special occasion styling, and much more! I will help in any way that I can. For appointments and consultations, please email me at StyleByKHurd@gmail.com. For all consultations I will bring my Ipad with me- to help create an inspiration board of what you are looking for. It will help cater to all of the things you are looking for and all the things you aspire to have. Or, if you already have all of the fabulous clothes, let me help you make them into outfits you would never have thought to pair together! That- is my favorite. Make something out of pieces you never thought to combine.

This will be such a great experience for me and for you, I promise! I will turn you all into the confident women you want to be!

And also, I keep getting asked this question- what about your day job? Yes, I am still working at Kohl’s Corporate and will continue to do so. I love working there, and with my flexible schedule, I can work with clients one on one weeknights, and of course weekends. I’m just an email away!

Please spread the word and let people know that StyleByK is on its way to the world. I want to be your stylist 🙂

More updates to come,






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