Outfit Of The Day

Okay, so I promised I would do this as much as my schedule alloted this! I actually wore this yesterday and got so many compliments both online and in person, so thank you to all my loves!

With it being the beginning of fall, I wanted to wear a key summer silhouette but with fall “additives” if you will. One of my key silhouettes from summer was of course the maxi. I got this maxi from Forever 21 YEARS ago, like seriously 8 years ago. I fell in love with the ombre feather print the second I laid eyes on it. I looked online and it looks like Forever 21Has so many options for printed maxi dresses that are to die for.

I layered this with my very soft and essential charcoal wrap shawl. I throw this on with anything and everything. Plus the color is spot on, I can find any reason to wear this and dress it up and down. Now again, this item is from years ago. (If you can’t tell I like to bring back older pieces that are classics into my wardrobe). It keeps things fresh and sometimes you forget you have those gems in your closet! But again, visit, Forever 21 for this item, you will find hundreds of variations! Try this one. The image below is of what inspired me to wear this dress, I was of course on Pinterest and used the below feather dress as inspiration! All my fellow boho chic women out there, eat your hearts out!

Until next time ❤






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