It’s a Mix-Piration!

With unusual warm weather in the end of September, I opted for my favorite combo, boots and Dresses! I love wearing them together, there is something so southern and chic about it. All these outfits I wore to work, and out- but believe me, I would definitely wear these anywhere! Very casual yet put together. This Indian Summer has me feeling all types of awesome, and I hope to inspire you with my outfits! As the weather became more Fall like at the end of the week, I tossed on my favorite pairs of skinny jeans and went from there. I love Autumn, oh so much.

Wednesday I wore one of my favorite dresses from this summer, my Lauren Conrad fit and flare dress in green with yellow, soft pink and off white colors printed throughout. It is so flattering for any body type, that’s why I love it. It gives you shape if you don’t have one, and enhances your shape if you do. Fit ‘n Flare styles are perfect for multiple occasions, weddings, dinners, events, casual nights out, work, and school. It all depends on how you wear it and what you pair with it. I work in a drafty office so a cardigan was a must. I tossed on my mustard yellow knit cardigan. It’s a fall piece, and is great for these transitional days. This cardigan was from Forever 21 years upon years ago. But I know mustard is a power color , it’s one if my favorite shades for summer. I felt naked without my braided skinny belt so you know I had to throw that on there! To make this look more “fall” I paired it with my knee-high cognac brown “vintage” zip up boots from Aldo . Again, an easy outfit made easier by tossing layers on. And don’t be afraid to mix your colors! I loved the mustard and green combination, as soon as I put it on I was loving the mixture. Get wild with your mix-pirations! ( I love that word, self-made, self used!)


For my Thursday outfit I wore another outfit inspired by my prior one, again a mixture of booties and a dress. I found this dress last year at Kohl’s, it was part of the Princess Vera Wang collection, and I melted when I saw it! I love this dress for two reasons: the first being that it was black chiffon with little peach hearts, I mean how cute!?! Once I turned it around and laid eyes on the back of the dress it was a done deal. It had no back- and for those of you who know me, know I’m a sucker for a dress that exposes that part of your body. It is so chic and sexy, yet not over bearing. The “it” factor on this dress alludes the creativity we all want to show off. Now because I do work in an office, having a no-back is a no-go for me, so I wore my black boyfriend cardigan from The Limited. They always have this type of sweater, check out the link above! I wear this sweater all the time, throw it on, dress it up, lounge around, and wear it for anything, a black cardigan is timeless. Much like the outfit before, I felt like my waist needed something, so of course, there goes the braided cognac leather skinny belt. I can’t help myself! The necklace I am wearing was from a long time ago, I bought it and barely wore it (crazy, I know). It was from For Love 21, and it is a soft gold, feather piece necklace. I think I actually forgot about it until one day I was digging through my accessory cabinet and was so excited to bring it back. Then of course I paired this with my new three buckle, brushed leather cognac brown boots from Coconuts. Every time I wear them I fall in love again and again. Sigh. I love clothes.


Friday Casuals! My favorite day of the week! So a new look for me, but I had to straighten my hair because I was getting it colored that afternoon, but I felt a high chic pony was a MUST! I literally had no idea what to wear and kept throwing layers on, taking them off, adding scarves, you know the drill ladies. Finally, after my closet was now on the floor, I put on my color blocked Aztec top I got from the Limited last year. I haven’t worn it in so long, I thought how perfect! I was only going to wear the top, but I wanted more layers, so I threw on my Olive Green Studded Military Jacket from Kohl’s. I tossed on my dark rinse Levi Jeans, and my burlap colored Tom’s and was on my way. This was truly effortless for me, I felt like I was just adding and taking off items until I finally found what felt right. Sometimes that’s what it’s all about! You have to fly through half the things in your closet to get to the gems!


And finally, the weekend! I was celebrating one of my good friend’s birthdays on Saturday and wanted to be nothing but comfortable and casual! I had just bought this flannel from, you guessed it, Kohl’s in the Juniors department. I work in Juniors so I saw this piece months ago and I knew I had to have it. It is a red plaid flannel with bleach stains all over it. LOVE. I threw on my destructed denim and my Lauren Conrad Moccasin Fringe boots and kept the feeling cool. I was torn on whether or not I should wear a hat, and mainly because I was having a good hair day! But just in case, I brought my Neff hat along in heathered black and grey. A staple for me! Cool, calm and collective as my boyfriend always says!


Hope you all get inspired and come up with some great outfits! Remember, if you need advice, tips, or want to set up an appointment to get Styled By K today, email me at

Thanks Beautiful world ❤ Until next time,



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