All About Layers

I have some great outfits that I have yet to show you guys, again, mainly work, but I love to tell you what I am wearing and where you can find it.  I want to be your inspiration.  I want to inspire you to create looks that make you feel good, make you feel confident, and make you feel like you are in your own skin.

Last Monday I was feeling oh, so casual.  To the point where I did not want to do anything to my hair except slap it into a braid and be done.  I wore my Limited neutral cardigan (which in my previous post you can see the link), but here it is again.  I paired it with my sleeveless plaid button down from Kohl’s which I got on major clearance.  Love a good buy, and who doesn’t love flannel.  I am wearing my fav black Ponte pants from Simply Vera Wang from Kohl’s.  Which, as you guys can tell I always wear these, I wasn’t lying when I said I lived in black pants come the colder seasons.  Well actually, lets say year round.  I wanted to look casual but not lazy so I opted for my taupe Candies wedge sneakers that I got from Kohl’s.  Here is a similar pair.  Can you tell I work for the company?  To complete the look I added my olive infinity scarf from H&M, my  brown “bottle cap” glasses to keep the hair out of my face, and some gold accessories, i.e, my gold men’s watch.  So easy, so comfortable.  Like I said, this was more on the causal side, perfect for those laid back nights or days.


And then there was Tuesday.  Ahhh, one more day closer to the weekend, but not close enough.  Most adults are still recovering from the weekend on this day, but I  try to see the positive.  Its almost hump day, Thursday is my Friday Eve and before you know it, TGIF.  Like I said, I try to remain positive…

I am wearing my cable knit poncho from The Limited from their Outback Red collection.  I love, love, love this poncho.  I have worn it with long sleeves, short sleeves, and tank tops- its versatile.  Which is great because you can layer it in the Winter and use it as a light cover up in Fall.  I also like that I can wear it with or without the belt that came with it.  Depends on how comfy I want to get! I found great options from this season, here.  I am wearing my long sleeve thermal scoop neck Henley from Target.  And of course, paired with my navy Ponte Pants from Simply Vera Wang.  To add a pop of “color” I put on my coconuts three buckle brushed leather booties and felt complete!


For Wednesday, I died for my own outfit.  I just love print mixing and putting new things together.  And when I saw this i thought, “yes”,  100% yes.  Floral and Leopard, you can do no wrong in my book.  I am wearing my white and floral print tank from Lauren Conrad, which I paired with my Leopard camo print Military jacket from Urban Outfitters.  I got this on clearance so they don’t have it but the link above shows one similar.  My second favorite part of this outfit was my pants.  I am wearing my Monki high shine leggings from ASOS.  They have just enough shine, and are perfect if you wear black skinny’s all the time and need a break (like me).  Leather, or Vegan leather is a great option for people who want to switch it up once and while but don’t want to break their budget.  I found a similar pair- there are hundreds of options out there. The picture doesn’t do it justice.  You would love them in person though…

For my shoes I wanted to break it up and pull in nuetrals so I wore my fringed taupe booties from Kohl’s last year. I layered some Gold necklaces, both short and long, and added some studded bracelets and my watch.  Again, simple, chic, and easy…  A great way to stay relevant and trend forward.


Before you know it, Thursday is already here.  I am wearing my first “fall” outfit of the year.  Even though it was 70 degrees out that day, I was craving the fall layers.  I wanted to layer and build!  So I wore my Navy chiffon shift dress from H&M last year, again super clearance, but here is one similar.  I found this long leather string that I had from a different sweater dress, so I wrapped it around mine and tied a bow.  This was a chocolate brown belt, and I knew I wanted to wear my chocolate brown boots, so this was a good way to tie it all in.  I put on my black leggings for warmth, and my olive infinity scarf to add detail.  I know a lot of people have a hard time with this- wearing Navy, black, brown etc together.  But I embrace it.  Who says you can’t?  Is it a written rule?  Didn’t think so.  WHO CARES!  If you like it and it goes, do it.  Just because Cosmo said no 9 years ago doesn’t mean its relevant.  Fashion is ever changing and in this day, people do far more crazy things than, gasp, mixing their neutrals!  I mean look at Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus….do you think they care about rules?  The best thing about your own personal style is that there are NO rules.  I have guidelines I like to live by (refer to my post about my Fashion Rules) but those are pretty loose.  I mean, Lady Gaga wore a meat dress, Miley Cyrus wore a nude spandex lingerie set and Katy Perry has sported every possible hair color.  And for that, I condone them!  They break the barriers that some random person set.  Plus, look at all the runway shows from NYFW  and you will see how much they shook things up.  So if you are ever struggling wearing these two together, just do it.


Saturday- filled with Apple picking, good friends, and beers!  Michael and I went apple picking at this sweet little orchard in Franklin.  It was 75 degrees that day but I said I don’t care I want to wear my new flannel!  Which, looking back, was a bad choice!  Of course I was smoldering in it while the sun baked me front to back.  To top it off I wore black pants with it, and my polka dot Keds.  Did I think the weather said 60?  I must have….I had to have….I did.

But regardless, pain is beauty right?  So I wore it anyway and said whatever!  I love this little flannel, and it is from Kohl’s of course.  Why wouldn’t it be.  I love the colors, it was a rich bright blue, with coral, pink and light orange plaid.  Super cute, and I know I will wear this with so many things.  I tossed on my basic black jeggings and my polka dot Keds, which you can guess I got from Kohl’s as well.  I am a walking billboard. I know.


And with the end of the weekend, comes the beginning of the work week.  I normally do my typical casual Monday outfit, so because of the warm weather gracing us with its presence, I wore my classic combo of boots, cardigan and a dress.  This dress is from Target last year, and it has a super cute cutout in the back.  I had to cover it up, so I wore my neutral tan cardigan from The Limited that I live in I swear.  If you don’t have a neutral cardigan, you need one.  I had mentioned it in my post about top wardrobe essentials and I mean it!  If you do not own a tan, black and/or grey, put it on your list of NECESSITIES.  Because it is a must.  I wore my Aldo cognac brown half zip boots, and some leather and gold accessories.  Again, easy, comfortable and cute.


And today, I opted for a much darker look.  I have been itching to wear my leather leggings and today I was feeling it when I woke up!  I love the all black chic look.  I think wearing leather with all black just takes your look to an entirely new level.  It is a confidence booster for me.  If I could wear all black all the time I would.  These leggings are leather blocked all up and down the leg, high rise, and half legging.  I got the leather look without the warmth!  Most of the leather leggings and pants I have tried on have been so hot, that when you wear them, you would bake.  Hence why  I fell for these right away because they were half and half.  I love the all leather look too, but these are more transitional and I think they really switch up your look versus just a solid black leather pair.  And every time I say leather, I mean a vegan leather.  I do not like the real leather.  And vegan leather is cheaper, and cruelty free! Win/Win.  I paired it with a black v-neck loose and long tee, and my black cardigan, and of course, my suede black fringe booties. There are so many cute black booties but I found these at Target, take a look!  I threw on both silver and gold necklaces, and bracelets, I wanted the mixing metal look.  And I put on my black glasses to keep the hair out of my face, which isn’t exactly working…


I want to leave on one last note- make your style your own.  Express yourself through your clothing and make it yours.  get the inspiration from bloggers, fashionista’s, Pinterest, Tumbler etc, but make it your own.  I will say the worst thing is when you have no personal style.  Remember, Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it!

Until next time Beautiful world,



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