All Eyes on Hats

With fall comes beautiful layers and fashion excitement, the turning of the leaves into fabulous shades of warmth, and cooler weather that is just asking you to bundle up. One of my favorite things about fall is all the different types of hats you get to wear! I love wearing hats- you don’t have to style, wash or do anything to your hair if your feeling lazy and cozy. There are so many styles out there that honestly, go with many outfits. You have the slub, the fedora, the beanie, the wool wide brim, the bucket hat, the bowler, the beret- plenty of options and styles to choose from, all it comes down to is finding the right fit for your head shape!

My favorite style is the beanie. I have fitted ones, slouchy ones, ones with details, some with texture differences, they are the definition of effortless fashion. Where can you wear them? I wear mine hanging with friends, shopping, outdoor walks, running, casual dinner and drinks, and of course when I am lounging around. This is such a casual hat- that’s what I like about it. I don’t feel like I have to dress up, I can slap on my skinny jeans, knee high riding boots, a flannel, anorak, and my beanie and I am good to go. Say it with me Ladies, effortless. Chic, and effortless. I love the look it gives you, and the comfort it provides. A necessity in these cold months!  Plus there are so many cute options out there, I am loving the ones with graphics or “text” words on the front.  It becomes such a statement and says a lot about your personality. The graphic text boxes take you from easy comfort, to intentional chic.20131008-212700.jpg

The next hat that is essential for fall, is the floppy wool wide brim hat!  We have all seen them, and I am sure a lot of you want to wear them but maybe don’t know how or where?  Let me start by saying that I have a floppy wool one, and a structured wool one.  I love them both.  This hat is awesome for that boho chic, effortless, trend right look.  I love wearing mine when I am going shopping, out to coffee with a friend, and running errands.  I think this hat is so chic, and it comes in a lot of different shades and textures.  Deep maroon, tan, black, and grey’s are versatile colors that go with most of your things.  Not sure what to pair it with?  Go for a whimsical look.  I will wear mine with a over sized sweater, leggings, and booties, put my cross body bag on, and layer fun necklaces.  Again, I am more bohemian so I want to make that works with my style.  I have seen women wearing them with long flare leg dress pants, sleek and chic, paired with a soft blouse, heels/wedges and some awesome jewelry.  It is all about how you wear it.  It doesn’t have to be dressy, it can be casual, soft, and easy.  Figure out what kind of look you are going for and what you want to accomplish with this, then it will help narrow down what direction you are aiming for. 20131008-212719.jpg

This next hat is probably my second favorite.  It is the Panama hat.  The sister hat to the Fedora.  Comes in many textures and fabrics, this hat is a step down from the floppy wool hat because the brim is smaller, and it is more structured. And is a step up from the Fedora because the brim is slightly wider.  Covering a little but more.  Because it is so close to the ever so loved Fedora, it  is easier to pull off for some people.  Many of my guidelines apply to this hat from the previous, I like to wear mine when I am out and about.  The biggest difference is that this hat can be worn more, for example out at night.  You look  “tres chic!”  You don’t have to worry about the brim being too big for your face, or not being able to see under it, this hits like a Fedora, and is as easy as one too!  So much versatility in this hat, the ribbon around the top can be silky, it can be printed, it can have a tie, leather, feathers, whatever.  Pick your poison.  That’s why I love these and I own several,   because I will always wear them!  Lets be real, I don’t want to style my hair if I do not have to!

I own about 10 different colored, and textured fedoras and each one has a purpose!  I have one that is made from straw for the summer, and another cream lace with black ribbon, for my more “pulled together” looks.  I have an all black, because you just need a black hat!  I love my straw and striped ribbon one- perfect for summer and fall, classic look. tan straw with black ribbon.  And one of my newest pieces to my hat family was my all over printed fedora with a bright red and navy ribbon (pictured below).  Again, having them in a variety gives you more reason to wear them!  Throw it on and be done!20131008-212738.jpg

The Bowler.  Edgy. Eclectic. Individual.  This is a harder style to pull off because you feel like you belong in Derby Days.  But believe it or not, this hat can be worn much like the other ones.  Casual, stylish, and intentional.  Certain people look awesome with this style hat, and others not so much.  My general rule of thumb for this hat is try to avoid if you have a very circular head….because the hat itself is a circular silhouette.  You don’t want your melon to look too round!  I love how Mary Kate Olsen wears it.  She makes it look effortless.  Makes me want to go out and get one.  I also like how this hat makes you look a little more edgy.  Its darker, and has many different colors to play with.  I just feel like this hat is ultra chic, and again, the right people can pull it off.  Tilting it back on your hair line is also key when wearing this hat.  You see most of the women wearing this are tilting it back- it gives it a casual illusion.  It can definitely be worn normal, but the tilt makes it that much better, in my eyes.  It all depends on your style.20131008-212800.jpg

I decided to have a quick iPhone photo shoot with my hats, because I wanted to show how again, versatile they were.  If I tried taking pictures of all my hats, I could fill up about 35 different looks!  I have collected them from over the years, and I love how they fit.  I love the look, the feel and the fabrics of all of my hats.  I sound  like the “Cotton” commercials.  There I go again, being another spokesperson.  Have some fun this fall and experiment with hats!  Make sure if you are going  hat hunting that you wear your hair down so that you can try them on.  I have shopped in the past, with my hair in a high bun, not thinking twice, and bought a hat only to get it home and find out I hated it.  Be realistic when you buy hats- really think, am I going to wear this?  The last thing you want to do is waste your time, so put thought into what style you want.20131008-213023.jpgThere are a lot of stores that offer many of these hats, some of the best ones are Charlotte Russe, Windsor, H&M, Target, T.J. Max, and Marshall’s.  Don’t spend too much money, unless of course you see it, fall in love and have the realization you can’t live without it.  No matter what the price. (Shopaholic much?) Then get it, because if the hat truly fits, and you know you will get use out of it, take the plunge.  You won’t regret it!


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