Leather and Cashmere

Alright so I am minorly obsessed with my own outfit today.  Leather, Cashmere, and my sneaker wedges-It makes me oh, so happy.  It is amazing how a good outfit can make you feel invisible.  I mean, we all know I love leather because my blog is titled with “leather && lace and everything in between” so it is no wonder I love my faux leather pieces.

There are thousands of stores that sell the faux leather leggings/pants, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding some!  It’s about finding the right pair for you, at the right price.  Do you want the leather all over, leather piping down the leg, or do you want leather “color blocking” throughout?  I am on a fashionable budget, so for me, spending fifty was enough!  Try not to go too much cheaper or you run the chance of them looking ‘chincy‘.  But then again, there is always that one pair that you find for a cheap deal and they look awesome.  So just  proceed with caution!  As for my cashmere sweater, I will thank my mom, Kathy,  for this gem!  I found it in her closet last night and it is the most perfect, over sized sweater I have worn.  Can you believe it’s from J.Jill?  Me either.  Who cares what the label says, I LOVE it.  Sadly, I will have to give it back to her once she sees me wearing it!  But at least I get to borrow it whenever I want!

Enjoy some of the pics of my outfit below, and the links to similar items you can buy to re-create the outfit!

sweater, H&M

sweater, H&M


leggings, H&M


wedges, Kohl’s

Forever 21

necklace, Forever 21



Do you see how awesome and eclectic the gold and silver mixing is? Talk about chic. I live for outfits like this.



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