Must Have Of The Week: Leopard Booties

I am beyond obsessed with leopard booties. I love animal print and booties on their own, so combining the two? Genius. I have been on the hunt for the most perfect pair. These shoes are meant to be the statement of your outfit. They will outshine anything you put on because they are so beautiful. I have found several pairs, but this is something I want to be perfect. There are plenty of silhouettes out there, so you can pick your poisen. My one tip- avoid the extra cheap looking leopard. I think this pair of shoes is something I would pay good money for because they are a staple in the wardrobe!

Pair them with an all black outfit and tell me you don’t feel ultra chic. Go ahead, try it. Because even when I wear all black and pair with my leopard loafers, I LOVE the way I feel. Something so simple in that print makes you feel so confident. I can’t wait to wear them with my boyfriend denim, a white and black blouse, or with faux leather pants, and a black t shirt. These booties are versitile. You can wear them anywhere, anytime, any occasion.

When you are shopping/looking to buy, if you feel like they are too loud for you, they probably are. Think of when you will personally wear them. If I am checking something out but am unsure- I hold back. I do not want to buy something that I am iffy about, wear them, and not like them. Nothing worse than a purchase you can’t use! If you want the jazz but not the business of them, find a pair that is muted down, like this pair from Target. If you are on the other end of the spectrum, and you want something that screams “look at me, look at me!” then you would love this pair from Aldo.

Eat your heart out, shoe lovers across the world!


Some of the best styles I have seen. See how much of a statement it makes? Beautiful, beautiful booties.


Giuseppe Zanottie Leopard Pony Hair Bootie, DSW


Irregular Choice I’m From The Future Leopard Wedge Bootie, DSW


BCBG Paris Rita Leopard Wedge, DSW


Giuseppe Zanotti Cheetah Pony Hair Bootie, DSW


MIA Limited Edition Soho Bootie, DSW

Until next time beautiful world,



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