Dressing For You, And Only You

We all have the potential to look our best- and that boils down to one question. Are we dressing for our size? Are we finding things that flatter our shape? Not the models shape, or the women in the magazines, are we dressing for ourselves? Seems like such an easy concept but believe it or not, some women truly do not buy realistic sizes and styles. It’s almost as if we’re judging ourselves if we buy a size up or even our true size. It’s not about the number that is on the tag, it’s all about how it makes you feel.

I find it incredibly easy to get wrapped up into body image. I’ll admit it- guilty as charged. But I always need to remember that I was never meant to be a size 0 and look like Kendall Jenner. I have curves! And boobs! And thighs to go with it. So even though I see how great things look on them, I need to keep in mind I’m about ten sizes larger. And I’m okay with that! We need to stop judging ourselves and each other and focus on how beautiful we all are. Find clothes that make you feel good.  Wear something that makes you smile, something that you are comfortable in.  I have been out, wearing something that was very fitting and body conscious.  I loved the way it looked.  However, I felt like if I had more than one drink, I’d be bloated and having to “suck in” all night!  That is why it is crucial to find something that fits your shape and personality.  I know people write about this all the time but I felt this necessary to voice my opinion because I have never seen so may girls posting on social media, images of models/thin women they aspire to be and replicate. If you are naturally thin, petite, or tiny, you are beautiful. If you are curvy, voluptuous, and thick, you too, are beautiful. No one is perfect, so no matter how many times you go to the gym, starve yourself, or constantly criticize your body shape, you are you. And you cannot change that.  So find clothes that are true to you.

That’s my piece of mind! Below are images of beautiful women, all different shapes and sizes. They all share the same things, they are wearing clothes that look right on them.  Beyoncé is curvy but that doesn’t stop her from wearing short shorts,  and Nicole Richie is petite and thin, but still wears a slinky gown.  Kate Upton, criticised for her size, and she wears a bikini with confidence.  And Kim Kardashian getting chewed out by the press on a daily basis for her shape.  Next time you look in the mirror, identify one thing you love about yourself every day. Is it your lips, your hair, your thighs, your ears? Pick something daily and love yourself more and more each day.  Wear something that accentuates your body in all the right ways.  Be the best you!


Look at these beautiful women. Curves, flat, round, skinny, petite. Doesn’t matter. What do they all have in common? Their confident smiles. That is something every girl should go after.






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