Your Best New Year’s Yet

It’s time for sparkles, champagne, friends, lovers and New Year’s resolutions to come together, for one, big, awesome bash.  Nothing says ‘Happy New Year!’ better than toasting your glasses and a kiss from your loved one to start it off right (or if your single, toasting with your main crew, of course).  Question is- what will you be wearing?  Since Cyber Monday I have been stalking the internet and stores for the perfect party dresses.  It took me two dresses, twenty dollars in wasted shipment, and about six hours of trying dresses on to find my perfect one!  Three’s a charm right?  Keep reading for the best styles to end 2013 in.

Stores like Akira have thousands of dresses with the best cutouts. Pick your poison you can’t go wrong. Their sequins dresses scream ‘pop the bubbly!’

Urban Outfitters has fabulous iridescent strapless numbers that are to die for.  Seeing them in person did all the justice in the world. Not to mention their long sleeve dresses, so versatile. Think of how many times you can wear these?  Pop a blazer or a cardigan over them and wear them out and about casually with a moto boot.

See the images below from Nasty Gal, get all the sex appeal and fun sparkle of NYE! Want the fun but not the fuss? Check out the classic, sexy, Little black dresses they have to offer. Nasty Gal knows how to work a party, so get inspired from my top picks!

Most importantly, have a fabulous and safe New Year’s Eve! Party hard, and forget about all the little things, because tonight is about you and your new beginnings!


Dresses, Akira. Strapless, Plunge (similar style), Mesh Insert. 


Dresses, Urban Outfitters.  Leopard, Mesh Top/back.


Dresses, Urban Outfitters (both colours here)


Dresses, Urban Outfitters.  Drop-Back, Brocade.


Dresses, Nasty Gal.  Party Doll, Wrapped Up, Brocade Strapless


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