Think Warm Thoughts…

We all know it, it’s freezing outside.  How can we keep our spirits warm when the temperature is so low? Read on to see how to bring some Spring into your life.

There are so many awesome prints and fabrics out there that scream Spring/Summer time.  Question is- how can you incorporate them into your winter blues wardrobe? The key is to ground your floral and bright jewel tones with dark colors.  In other words, if you have a tropical print Kimono you are dying to wear( like me), pair it with some fringe booties, a basic tee, and some black skinny jeans or dark denim.  You are grounding the floral print and bringing it down a notch.

Do you have some bright tee shirts you want to get some use from? Pair it with a dark jacket, like a leather bomber, or a blazer, put a printed scarf on (not summer-y but something neutral toned). All it needs is to be neutralized. Just because it’s a bright color doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in winter!

Don’t be afraid to make your pieces transitional, get more bang for your buck and do yourself a favor- let go of the idea and just wear it. Be bold. Stand out in these cold months.

My one rule I try to remain close to when wearing summer/spring items is, if I am pairing something black/brown/tan with it, then I will put something else black/brown/tan in my outfit.  Like a scarf, shirt, or accessories to tie it all back in together. Neutralize your color, print or piece by toning it down with another item. Let the bold merchandise do the talking, and let the cool, neutrals, lead the eye.


How easy did she make this look? Floral printed skirt, paired with neutral turtleneck and boots. This look is inspiring!


A floral printed kimono, grounded with dark bottoms and a white top. This can easily be worn year round.


She is wearing a summer, lace maxi skirt. Repeat. Yet she is styled with a oversized and chunky knit cardigan with a printed top. All in neutral colors. Hello Beautiful!


An Aztec maxi skirt, with turquoise jewelry. See how she gives off the boho summer vibe? Again, downplays the print with a neutral shirt and sweater. I love this look.

Go dig into your wardrobe and find the pieces you have been itching to wear, try this out and let me know what you think!

Until next time beautiful loves!




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