StyleByK February Fashion Deals

Alright so I made a promise that on February 1st I would announce my deal for this month!  I have two different specials I want to offer everyone- the first one is $10.00 off every hour of personal shopping with me (Normally $25.00), and the second is a one hour at-home wardrobing session for half off!  Prices for that vary dependant on the wardrobe etc, so email me for details!

Why this deal is so special?  Because Spring is coming up around the corner and wouldn’t you love to have all the essentials to be the best you this season?  You can pick your place of where you would like to shop and I will do the work!   Do you have a special occasion coming up that you need help finding the right outfit? Valentine’s Day, Birthday’s, vacations?  You decide.

The at home wardrobing sessions are great for people who don’t know what to piece together or just a need a little shove in the right direction.  From there you can decide and see what would be useful to have and then plan a shopping trip at your leisure!

This deal is only valid the month of February so email me to make your appointment today!


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