The Cat’s Meow…

What is super hot and being spotted everywhere? Athletics mixed with lesiure, and being worn fashionably.  Say it with me now, Athleisure. Ath + Leisure.  I know, it’s like the fashion God’s are finally listening.  Sweat pants worn with wedges, booties, and blazers?  Or tossed on with loose fitting tanks and birkenstocks?  It is all about what you pair with these easy, go-to pants.  It’s not hard to pair with, think of them like leggings.  Only comfier, and loose.  And really casual.

I bought my first pair from H&M, they are a Harem pant crossed with a Jogger and I love them.  Other stores like Forever 21, Nasty Gal, American Eagle, Gap, Nordstrom, and Zappos offer a plentiful array of prints, patterns and colors.  My favorite thing about them? They are light weight!  Toss them on this summer with your favorite loose crop tank, sandals, and a panama hat.  Or dress up for a night out with strappy flat sandals, and a sleeveless blouse tucked into them.  I love pairing graphic tee’s and tanks with this.  What do I always say, eff-ort-less.  I hope these stick around for several seasons to come, because these are heaven on earth!

See below for outfits to inspire you!  Don’t be afraid of the trend, embrace it!

“Who cares about the rules, if you like it, wear it”


Shoe variety. Play with it, have fun with it, be comfortable with it.

20140528-182244-66164846.jpg Casual, on-the-go, and easy to pair.



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